This is a
new kind of office.

Designed to put humans first, these intentionally small offices help each occupant work in their own way. With reassuring multi-layer security, a reception attuned to your every need, individual HVAC and abundant greenery, they are meant to make work comfortable from start to finish.
These are high-quality, low-capacity offices for the new era.

Office List


Why do our clients choose H1O (“H-one-O”) over other serviced offices? It has to do with the comfortable private spaces for concentrating on work, the reassuring security for occupants, the convenient state-of-the-art technology, the tenant lounges and more.


From technologies including keyless security using biometric authentication and remote control based on IoT to precise human services including reception and equipment rental and even a food service to maintain tenants’ health, our equipment and services are designed to facilitate work and boost productivity.


See the terms and conditions of our rental agreements, the necessary documents and overall flow. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.


How does an office facilitate happiness at work?
H1O, which stands for Human-First Office,
is a series of serviced offices for small groups of people doing business.
We value providing environments where workers can be happy,
for example offering the latest technology and
services to maximize the capabilities of every single one of our occupants.